Enrich, Empower and Enlighten


The Sunshine Project's core mission is to inspire learners of every level by providing them with the tools for reading, writing, and speaking success. 

The Sunshine Project was founded in 2006, by Tracey Keim an English teacher at St. Petersburg High School in Florida. Among her numerous accomplishments as an English teacher, Tracey has enabled special needs students and struggling readers to make measurable gains in language and literature.

By showing that reading with comprehension is possible and teaching a series of innovative tools and techniques, Tracey has seen dramatically improved test scores and, more importantly, she has witnessed students gaining confidence and understanding the benefit of improved reading ability - earning them a life-long skill.

The Sunshine Project proudly offers its Creative Curriculum to Enrich, Empower and Enlighten to teachers, students and executives through one-on-one, group and lecture presentations.

The concepts that make up the Sunshine Project can be applied to three distinct areas: Domestic and International Curriculum, Teacher Training, and Corporate Training.

Tracey Keim - An Iconic Woman of St. Petersburg

UPDATE MAY 2016: Tracey has been selected as the Pinellas County 2016 Inclusion Teacher of the Year!

In April 2015, Tracey Keim of St. Petersburg High School was recognized as the NIE Teacher of the Year for 2014-2015. This annual award from the Tampa Bay Times Newspapers in Education, recognizes K-12 teachers, literacy coaches and media specialists who advocate for literacy and civic learning.

Tracey was also selected by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce for their Iconic Women of St. Petersburg award. Tracey's work with Sunshine Project was recognized and she was chosen as one of three finalists for the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. You can follow the link below to hear a short CBS Radio interview with Tracey, discussing Sunshine Project.


In addition, Tracey was honored to learn that she was nominated by one of her students and selected as a finalist for the My Teacher Kicks Asterisk - Teachers Who Rock award.

The best perhaps was Tracey's selection as a coach for Pineallas County's Academic Team at the 28th Annual statewide Commissioner's Academic Challenge. The all-star team competed at the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World, where they took first place! Read the Tampa Tribune article about the the team's accomplishment.

In December, Tracey was a recognized by Achieva for her achievements in the community and featured on the Pinellas Live video podcast discussing Sunshine Project - Episode 51 St Pete High Has A Rockstar - Sit Down With Tracey Keim. We've embedded the video here - take a look.

Athletes Can Excel Academically

High school athletes can face an especially difficult time in the classroom. The need to score well on the ACT can be a greater challenge for them than any that they face on the field or court.

By utilizing Snapshot Reading © along with other techniques, student athletes earn themselves a virtual playbook for passing the ACT and becoming a superstar in the classroom.


Video testimonial from Jameel Bryant.


Shawn SmithWe win! I would like to say Thank you to my Tutor (Ms. Tracey) when I thought all odds were against me she came in and hit the game winning shot. She gave me motivation and just made me feel confident about myself. So what I would like to tell others that fear ACT/SAT/FCAT call up Ms. T and she will tutor you right through it!!!
Ms. Tracey, No words can express how I felt when my mom called me with my scores, I didn't know if I wanted to cry, laugh or just scream. And I owe it all to you and my Lord n Savior.
Shawn Smith AGGIE NATION!!!


I want to thank you for the ACT tutoring you provided for me. Compared to my first time taking the ACT, I actually felt in control of this last test. I felt as if I was truly prepared and actually understood the concepts that were laid out in front of me. Due only in part to not only your tips and strategies, but your envisioning as well. It helped me keep calm and collected, which is certainly something I often need. Even though I didn't find using the snapshot reading strategy as a whole to be most effective for me, I had fine-tuned it to suit my own style, using certain parts of it as I saw fit. I truly cannot express my thanks for your tutoring, including not only food, but practice tests at our disposal. It truly was a gracious thing, and I hope future students of yours can experience the confidence I did on the ACT. Thank you very much.
Brannon Henrie


Testimonials and Press

In the end, the greatest reward can be found in the thank you letters and correspondence from students who have used these tools and techniques to overcome their academic challenges. In addition to those letters, Sunshine Project has received recognition from many business and government leaders and the press.

It was a pleasure seeing you earlier. I am glad that I was able to stop by to see you as you were definitely one of my favorite teachers there, and you always believed in my abilities even when I had my many doubts. I can’t thank you enough for how you treated me as a student and the lessons that you taught me. To do this day I still remember you nominating me for the (HOBY?) leadership award that I reluctantly turned down because I felt I was not good enough. That moment has always motivated me to continue to do better and not be afraid to take a leadership position and role. As I mentioned when we briefly talked, I work for SPC as a Student Support Specialist and I help our students with their career choices, resumes, and some advising. I will be around SPHS sometimes to conduct more presentations for students about college, and I will make sure to visit. Thank you again for everything and I will keep an eye out for you when it comes to your Sunshine Project and for employment.! – Michael Jean-Felix, St. Petersburg College

We can't thank you enough for helping two of our daughters with test preparation and college applications. Not only did your expert test-taking strategies improve their test scores, but your nurturing approach boosted their self-esteem and gave them confidence going into their exams. Thank you also for reviewing their college applications - Knowing you were involved gave us peace of mind that they covered all the bases and presented themselves in the best possible light. We will definitely contact you when our younger children need your services! – JFG, St. Pete High

I think that Mrs. Keim's Snapshot Reading Strategy really helped me build confidence in myself and focus on the paragraphs one at a time. It helped me pass my ACT. – Kristine C., a soon-to-be Class of 2013 Graduate who needed to pass ACT in lieu of FCAT.

Thanks to Mrs. Keim I finally passed my ACT by studying her proven method That helped me get a score that was above and beyond the necessary goal that I had to reach! – Colby P.

I feel like I passed FCAT this time because I took my time and used TPPCRH (Toilet PaPer Can Really Help). I did it very carefully. I think that’s the main reason. – Graduate Jamel Miller

I am very familiar with Mrs. Keim’s methods as she has not only been instrumental in my daughter’s education, but that of many other students within our community...Mrs. Keim’s teaching methods and standards have undoubtedly improved the education and lives of the children that have been privileged to come into contact with her. - Bill Foster, Mayor of St. Petersburg

It is easy to see what a difference Tracey is making in the lives of young people... - Darryl E. Rouson, Florida House of Representatives

Our school earned an "A" for the first time since it opened in 1991. The reading score for meeting the goal at our school was 72%. I worked with some of the reading teachers and a language arts teacher last year. This year, I will be sharing it (TPPCRH) with the faculty. Thanks again for this sharing this at the FTE conference last year. - Sharon R Dudash VE Language Arts Teacher, Southport Middle School

We have made such a big deal out out of TPPCRH and tomorrow is the last day of our FCAT tutoring, which has been going on for 6 weeks. The kids are making posters and hanging them up all over the school. Thanks again for your TPPCRH. Our entire school has embraced it. - Karen S.

I was sitting in my reading class the other day and had to read one of the longest, most boring stories of my life. Well, I sat there in class and stared at the clock on the wall and remembered the Snapshot Technique you taught us a week earlier. So, I thought hey, I’ve got nothing to lose, so I tried it. And believe it or not, I aced the paper! I was so relieved and also the first one done. It’s been about two weeks since then and I’ve greatly improved in reading class. Plus, that technique works not only in my reading class but my history class! In a way you inspired me to read more. A sincere thanks - Matthew Powell