Enrich, Empower and Enlightenkids

The Sunshine Project's core mission is to inspire learners of every level by providing them with the tools for reading, writing, and speaking success. 

The Sunshine Project was founded in 2001, by Tracey Keim an English teacher at St. Petersburg High School in Florida. Among her numerous accomplishments as an English teacher, Tracey has enabled special needs students and struggling readers to make measurable gains in language and literature.

By showing that reading with comprehension is possible and teaching a series of innovative tools and techniques, Tracey has seen dramatically improved test scores and, more importantly, she has witnessed students gaining confidence and understanding the benefit of improved reading ability - earning them a life-long skill.

The Sunshine Project proudly offers it's Creative Curriculum to Enrich, Empower and Enlighten to teachers, students and executives through one-on-one, group and lecture presentations.

The concepts that make up the Sunshine Project can be applied to three distinct areas: Domestic and International Curriculum, Teacher Training, and Corporate Training.

Testimonials and Press

In the end, the greatest reward can be found in the thank you letters and correspondense from students who have used these tools and techniques to overcome their academic challenges.

In addition, Sunshine Project has received recognition from business and government leaders and the press. Take a look.

Athletes Can Excel Academically

High school athletes can face an especially difficult time in the classroom. The need to score well on the ACT can be a greater challenge for them than any that they face on the field or court.

By utilizing Snapshot Reading© along with other techniques, student athletes earn themselves a virtual playbook for passing the ACT and becoming a superstar in the classroom. Find out more.